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Master Hayes and Kara Hayes
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Women's Self Defense Classes

A woman is raped just about every 46 seconds in America and rape does not exclude any ages of women.  Master Hayes and his wife, Kara are passionate about teaching and reaching as many women as possible to educate them on becoming more aware of their surroundings in an effort to avoid dangerous situations.  

The women's self defense classes they offer provide women a safe, relaxed, and interactive atmosphere.  The classes they teach are one and a half hours long and in a seminar type format where women learn how to better assess and avoid dangerous situations to reduce their likelihood of being a victim of an attack.  Women also learn and practice easy and effective techniques that teach them how to defend themselves from an attacker.  These classes are not physically demanding but do involve some light stretching and there is some movement involved. Their women’s self defense classes are also very appropriate for teenage girls to learn how to become more situationally aware of their surroundings especially in an era where many of the younger generation are consumed with screen time instead of what is happening around them. Most of their women’s self defense classes are held at Taeguk Taekwondo studio but Master Hayes and his wife have conducted classes at local businesses and can accommodate in certain cases.  Call Master Hayes at 717-572-4390 for more information about scheduling a women’s self defense class.      

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