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Children's Classes

Master Hayes has designed the curriculum in his classes to target specific age groups so that classes are developmentally appropriate and designed for that child’s age.  He has a program for children ages four to six years old and he has a program for children ages seven to twelve years of age. All of the children’s classes have a high amount of activity but are designed to be safe and fun.  Children really enjoy the jumping kicks and the spinning kicks that are part of Taekwondo training. Master Hayes is great at balancing discipline and hard work all while having fun in a structured environment.  

Because Master Hayes teaches all of his classes, he is very passionate about staying informed and attuned with all of his student's lives and wants to know how they are doing in school as well as their behavior at home.  If one of his students is not behaving well at home or being lazy with their schoolwork, and/or bullying other children, he does not allow them to advance to a higher belt until they demonstrate more positive behavior in the areas that they are lacking in. 


Master Hayes inspires all of his children students to show good manners, proper respect to their peers and elders, and encourages them to do positive and productive things in their free time.  He talks to his students about the negative impact that spending all of their free time on unproductive things like playing video games and other pieces of technology can have on their lives presently and in the future.  Master Hayes also talks to his students about the importance of helping their caregivers, reading books, studying, and making productive use of their leisure time in an effort to make them more successful in their lives.  

Child's flying side kick
Children's Class stretching
Master Hayes teaching a child
White belt doing back bends
Children's Class doing the splits
White belts all lined up.

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