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Adult Classes

Master Hayes teaching adult class
Adults bowing before a sparring match
Adult and late teenager class lined up

Adult classes are suitable for men and women of all ages and ability levels.  Beginners are encouraged to take things easy and do as much as they are able to while getting acquainted with Taekwondo classes.  In the beginning, there is no pressure to keep up with others in the class as the study of Taekwondo is very individualistic and designed so that students can learn and develop at their own pace.  Master Hayes is very safety conscious with his teaching and detailed with explaining correct technique especially with his adult students. He provides all of his students one on one instruction in each class and this makes him attuned with each student so that he can work to ensure that someone is practicing correct technique to avoid injuries. 


Adult students are often amazed at the benefits they gain from Master Hayes’s training.  They become more flexible, stronger both physically and emotionally, gain self-confidence, achieve better balance, and better self control that helps them in all areas of their life. They often find that training is great for stress relief at the end of a hectic day at work or home and consider it very therapeutic. Master Hayes’s adult students often enjoy the benefits that training can have on healthy weight management and gaining better focus too while learning the valuable tool of self-defense. 

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