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Master Hayes, Kara Hayes and their child

Master John Hayes is a registered sixth degree black belt with the World Taekwondo Federation, Kukkiwon.  He has extensive experience teaching taekwondo which he has been doing for over 25 years. He has taught for the former United States National Team Coach, United States Olympic Team Coach and Former three time Korean National Champion.  He has been practicing Taekwondo for nearly 30 years. In 2009, Master Hayes competed in the 3rd Annual World Cultural Expo Tournament in South Korea where he earned a gold medal in Sparring. He is a former New York State and Pennsylvania State Champion in Sparring.  Master Hayes is also a former New York State Governor’s Cup Champion in Sparring as well as former Northeast Open Sparring Champion. Master Hayes participated in the US National Championship in Florida in the year 2010 and earned a Silver Medal.  

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More important than Master Hayes' accomplishments in Taekwondo competitions, is his unique ability to inspire, motivate, and encourage both children and adults to achieve their true potential. Master Hayes teaches every class which provides a very unique experience. Many martial arts schools have assistant instructors teaching most of their classes. His classes are structured so that each student receives one-on-one attention and instruction from Master Hayes. He has the talent to read how each student is unique and may require a different approach to reach them and motivate them to reach their fullest
potential. Master Hayes is very safety conscious and detailed with his approach to teaching his students and this is very important specifically for adults because with improper technique this can result in injuries such as bad knees, back problems, etc. He can be firm at times but he also has a great sense of humor that adds balance to the structured nature of all of his classes
. Master Hayes believes that Taekwondo has many benefits and is suitable for all ages beginning as early as four years old and all ability levels. Taekwondo training can help children and adults learn greater self
control, build self confidence and learn to believe in themselves, gain leadership qualities, learn better respect, improve focus and concentration, and improve balance and coordination, flexibility, aid in stress relief and weight management simultaneously while learning the invaluable tool of self defense. All of these things can help children and adults who are training in Taekwondo to be more successful in all areas of their life. Taekwondo training teaches students valuable lessons about having perseverance when things in life don’t always go the way they want. Master Hayes believes that Taekwondo training teaches students to have a fighting spirit to push through vulnerable moments to learn how to become more mentally, physically and emotionally strong in all areas of their life. Master Hayes opened his Taeguk Taekwondo studio in 2000. Taeguk Taekwondo is a very family-friendly

environment. We have many families that train together at Taeguk Taekwondo and Master Hayes has a philosophy that all of his students are like an extension of his own family.

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